I had the privilege to document the Musethica Festival in Zaragoza last year.

Musethica is an international education program aimed at training promising  talents of classical music in the art of live performance. These great young musicians convened in Zaragoza (but also in Sweden, Poland, Germany and Israel) to perform in institutional concert halls, but also and especially in unconventional places for chamber orchestras, like prisons, psychiatric hospitals, refugee homes, homeless shelters, schools for special needs and so on. This created a truly unique experience both for the audience, who received the gift of music with unbelievable attention and appreciation, and for the young musicians, who boosted their performance capabilities through the challenge of the unconventional and the embrace of empathy.

This is a series of portraits of the participants of the 2019 edition, in which I tried to reflect their different personalities and exalt the playfulness of their young age.